Monday, September 26, 2016

Princessa Baby Blanket - Most Popular Crochet Pattern of the Year!

I made this Baby Blanket last year for a feature crochet magazine, I enjoyed so much design and crochet this item, it was a surprise to see how popular this item became after a few days it was listing on my etsy shop.

 Princessa Baby Crochet Blanket

Pattern is easy and you just need:
Craft: Crochet
US C/ 2.75mm Crochet Hook
Baby light worsted weight yarn (1744yds) of white mix color
Baby light worsted weight yarn (437yds) of fuchsia color

Just stunning crochet baby blanket, easy to follow, pattern includes step by step how to make and assamble this blanket, lots of pictures to make easy the learning process of this baby blanket.

 Princessa Baby Crochet Blanket

This made me think that I need to made more blankets designs and in fact I´m working on another right now, this time are granny squares but so beautiful and colorful, I can´t wait to finish and show you the blanket, is an adult blanket so we can get ready for this winter, will be finish very soon.

If you want to see more pictures of my Princessa Baby Blanket and get the crochet pattern, please go to my etsy shop or raverly shop

I offer full time assistant so if you have any question or need additonal help with my patterns, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Happy Crocheting!
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