Monday, November 16, 2015

Mistery Free Pattern

Mistery Free Pattern! (MFP)
How this Work? Just go to my and found the Mistery Free Pattern, you will find it at the end of one item description, wich one? this is the trick, you have to find it! Is easy, you will see this - Mistery Free Pattern....- After this, contact me via PM here on FB and comment here that you found it, choose your favorite pattern from my shop and your email and I will be happy to send it directly to your inbox, but do not forget, do not mention on your comment wich listing has the MFP, just let me know that via PM. Tell your knitting friends, they can win one FREE pattern too, but do not tell them wich listing please, everybody have to do the homework! Is fun and everybody can WIN WIN!!
One more thing! This will last 24 hours, so hurry go look fo the MFP! Here:
Happy Knitting!
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