Hand Dyed Yarns!

Last month I learned how to hand dyed yarn using natural products like herbs and flowers from the italian forest and mountains and this is the result!
It was a huge success when I announced this on my Instagram and in two hours I sold out my 10 skeins that I made on my first batch, I was so happy to see this but I was sad that I did not keep any yarn to make my creations, that was originally the idea but anyway I was so extra happy, so the next day I took a train and went to walk in the forest to collect again the ferns, herbs and flowers to make more pots of yarns!

I strive to dye wool that is ecologically raised and processed without the use of harsh chemicals! Just Beautiful Yarn!
Work with nature represent rebirth, abundance, and connection to the earth.
For now I only have these three colorways, but I´m very proud! In the next weeks I will add more beautiful colors to my collection and hopefully I will keep some yarn to make my patterns designs! If you need ideas for what to knit or crochet, do not think twice and visit my shop for patterns

 All these threee colors are availables at my shop and more important! Are ready to go to be part of a sweet and beautiful knitting or crochet design!

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