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Hello, my name is Lilia, I learned to knit and crochet when I was seven years old, always remember with tenderness when my grandma taught me to make the first chains, since then I can not stop knitting, crocheting and create. Today my passion is design knitting and crochet patterns for all ages and seasons, always thinking in functionality, beauty and elegance. 
I live in Italy with my husband, I have a quiet and happy life, I did enought during th 80´s, so is time to knit and crochet!

My goal is to encourage everybody to learn to knit and crochet, is a wonderful feeling when you said, 'I want to do this, what if I tried this?...what if I start this project?...How will be when I finish to knit this scarf?...I can use it with my beige coat!, I can give as gift to my daughter!,....you see how many wonderful doors you open, how many wonderful and positive and harmonius sensations you bring to your mind and body when you knit and crochet. You can feel how your mind fly away from daily worries and every day little or big problems, you relax, think about something nice and warm and bring to your life, enthusiasm, happiness and joy!

Also I like to help all beginners to learn and firmly believes that part of my work is to let people know the wide variety of knitting benefits for the mind and body.
I´m very fortunate  to travel around the world always with my needles and hooks and my endless ideas and designs.

All my patterns are thoroughly tested and edited for clarity and accuracy and always thinks in all beginners, I make sure that everybody has a great knitting and crocheting experience and if you have any questions you can count on me for pattern support

Thank you to be here, you can see my Knitting and Crochet Collections at:

Please read my Interview from a lovely knitting magazine:

How long have you been knitting & crocheting?
My great-grandmother taught me to crochet when I was seven years old, she started with the tiny chains to make a little piece and this was due that at school I had asked me to do something with my hands, I crochet a little doily for the table and it was beautiful but to me the most beautiful thing is the memory I have of that time. At the same time I discovered that I love knitting as much as crochet.

How long have you been designing?
All started with my clients from my etsy boutique Liliavaninibags, where I made handmade bags and fashion accessories, all items are handmade and knitted by me, last year I had a small collection of knitted newsboy winter woman hats and crochet flowers brooch pins, my customers began to wonder if I had the pattern of those pieces, and little by little I started to write knitting and crochet patterns, this year I adding new items almost every week. I love to write knitting and crochet patterns and design beautiful pieces for babies, adults and home.

What is your best selling crochet pattern?
Until now the bestsellers crochet patterns are my crochet pouch bags made with jute fibra and the crochet flowers brooch pin embellisment, my customers love the flowers because they can use them on any other accessories, like hats, coats and sweaters, bags, shawls, and dresses.
Recently I launched my babies shoes collection, starting with tiny crochet baby shoes, delicious and extremely sweet that you will not resist and will want to make a pair.

What yarns do you like to work with (weight, colour, fiber)?
I love medium weight yarn, is better for beginners and I always have in mind all my beginners customers, people who want to learn to knit and crochet are my priority, once they are comfortable with the gauge of the average yarn it is easier to continue with other projects.
As the name of my Shop and Brand says: LiliaCraftParty, it is a party and for this reason I like bright colors for my designs, I also like to work with natural rear fiber like jute, you can made lovely items with this material.

What makes your shop special?
What make my shop special is that to me knitting and crochet is part of my life, every day even if I´m very busy or if I have a bad day, I finish my day knitting and crocheting, designing and thinking in new projects.
This is reflected in my store and in my designs, and I think that's what really makes it special my Shop LiliaCraftParty.

My mission is to make everybody learn to knit and crochet with my easy and fun teaching method and enjoy all the benefits of knitting.
Knitting is used for therapy and is supremely relaxing, wich is extremely important for reducing stress and anxiety, so don´t stop knitting, it keep you healthy!

Thank you and Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

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