Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cold Porcelain Cupcakes

While I was in Perú, I had the opportunity to take a short tutorial about how to work the cold porcelain and make a cupcake, here is the result, I absolutly love it!
 I was surprise how easy and fast is to work with this material
 You know that you can make your own cold porcelain at home
 Add some ornamets, in this case I add some colorful rounds to make appear like candy around the cupcake.
 And a Butterfly at the top
 After I finished, the teacher told me to just leave it for 24 hours, I was so nervious to ruin it with my hands on my way home, but it was easy to take the cupcake and as soon I arrived home I put it on top of a book and after a while it was so hard, I can´t believe it!
Perfect colors for a ceramic lovely cupcake, wait to see more ideas that I will make using this material, I just arrived home in Italy, unfortunetly I had to say goodbye to this cutie, because I was affraid to brake it if I brought home!

Happy Afternoon!
Lilia/ LiliaCraftParty

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